San Francisco is known around the world for its pivotal role in the gay rights movement. Known colloquially as the ‘gay capital of the world,’ San Francisco’s acceptance of LGBTI people can be traced back to the 19th century.

In the 1960s through the 1970s, San Francisco’s Castro district became home to many of the city’s LGBT.

Now, walking along the rainbow-lined streets of the Castro, you’ll find many shops and restaurants with names that evoke sexual innuendo. Here is a sampling of such storefronts.

Rock Hard

One of the many sex and kink shops in the Castro, the name of this shop is very telling.


Knobs is an eclectic men’s clothing store, with its name alluding to a certain body part.

Puff ‘n Stuff

This rainbow-clad gift shop’s name could have a double meaning – one being reference to California’s welcoming of medical marijuana, and the other referring to a potentially reclaimed slur for gay men.


Another men’s clothing store with a name referencing not just a certain body part, but the whole thing.

Daddy’s Barber Shop

With a name like Daddy’s, one could say this barber shop is where every sugarbaby should be going for a cut!

Slurp Noodle Bar

Noodles are probably not the only thing that makes a slurping sound. Still, this restaurant looks delicious.

Sausage Factory

This restaurant, also a pizzeria, has a name eliciting what one would call a men’s-only party.

Hot Cookie

A bakery that also sells men’s underwear and other goodies. Perhaps share a Hot Cookie with a hot cookie of your own?

Dapper Dog

If you’re looking for a weiner while you’re in the Castro, Dapper Dog may be a good place to start!

Auto Erotica

Unlike autoerotic asphyxiation, this place just wants to buy your vintage porn collection!

Hand Job

One location of a certain nail salon, this is not the only place in the Castro with the name Hand Job.

Hand Job Nails & Spa

Ah, yes. For a hand job to make sure your nails are immaculate before giving a hand job, this is the place to go!

Not pictured: There happens to be a laundromat called Sit & Spin located in the Castro. Who knew laundry can be sexual too?

H/T Bear World Magazine