What makes New York City a fantastic gay destination? Just about everything.

What makes New York City a fantastic gay destination? Just about everything. It is composed of five boroughs covering 300 square miles, but with so much to see and do within the 23 square miles called Manhattan, most visitors sadly don’t have time to walk or cycle across the Brooklyn Bridge or visit the outer boroughs. (You could make a terrific vacation out of Brooklyn and Queens alone!) What are you looking for when you visit NYC? Art? Cultural diversity? Restaurants? Architecture? Street life? History? Theater? Nightlife? Bars? Parks? Waterfront? Gayborhood(s)? A hot date? NYC wants to place first in every event, offering visitors the best of everything from bagels to bars.

Gay NYC has expanded from its epicenter, the historic Stonewall Inn in Greenwich Village where gay liberation was born with the riots of 1969. Currently, there are large gayborhoods in Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen, but it is becoming more common to see same-sex couples holding hands everywhere, including the sidewalks of the fashionable Upper West Side Lincoln Center neighborhood. Washington Heights, Harlem, Jackson Heights, Park Slope and Bushwick have growing gayborhoods that are well worth researching and visiting. Keep in mind that assimilation – the by-product of legalizing same-sex marriage – means that gay New Yorkers are comfortably and openly living in a variety of neighborhoods beyond that very gay stretch of the West Side between Greenwich Village and Columbus Circle.


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