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Spend Less and Experience More at Top Attractions.

At CityPASS, we think your time at the attraction—whether it’s an aquarium, observatory, theme park or museum—allows you to get connected to the people you’re traveling with, as well as to history or art or nature. By design, CityPASS gives you ample time—9 days—to enjoy a destination, eliminating the need to rush frantically from attraction to attraction to get your money’s worth.

We really do want you to “leave with more than you came with”—whether that’s more money to spend on other parts of your vacation (or to save), more time to spend with the people you’re traveling with (or yourself), an enriched vacation experience, or some combination of all of those things. The concept remains as vital and relevant today as it did back then, as we recognize the increasing value that experiences bring to all of our lives.

Still family-owned and operated, CityPASS continues to thoughtfully add cities and partner attractions while maintaining focus on creating happy customers. “Leave with more than you came with” is firmly entrenched in the minds of the 50+ staff that work for the company, headquartered in the small mountain town of Victor, Idaho, on the west slope of the Teton Mountains.

CityPASS Purchase for Groups

CityPASS programs and pricing are created for individual travelers; CityPASS does not offer group discounts. If you’re organizing a group visit or tour, we recommend that you contact the respective attractions for group pricing and information. If you decide CityPASS is the best option for your group, ticket booklets may be purchased through or at any of the attractions in the CityPASS program.